Link Worth Bookmarking: Issa Rae’s Hugely Successful Viral Series, Awkward Black Girl

Issa Rae’s The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl is a huge hit on YouTube and it’s also become my guilty pleasure ever since the epic Stop Sign moment the lead character J shared with a one-night stand/co-worker. I was hooked on her hip-hop rhymes, her quest for love, her natural hair chop, and of course her awkwardness. (I mean who didn’t fall in love with White J* during The Dance episode?!) When I discover that Issa hails from Senegal by way of Maryland/L.A., I had to show her love on not because of her heritage but for her determination to bring quality comedy from a black female perspective monthly on Youtube. When you google her name and her funny webseries, you are welcome into her personal journey from how she started to present day where she is now signed under Pharrell Williams’s production company, I Am Other. I’m glad that Issa stuck to her ambition and dreams with Awkward Black Girl and I also admire her drive for not altering anything from her series. (FYI: She raised over $40,000 from fan donations to help run and maintain season 1!) Issa is currently enjoying success and praise from the media. In fact she’s on the supplement cover of Essence August 2012 magazine – Young, Black & Amazing! Three words that perfectly fit her persona! Issa Rae, we salute you girl!

Get hook on Awkward Black Girl

Issa Rae discusses her famous show on CNN

Season 1 Episode 1 – The Stop Sign

Favorite Season 1 episodes

The Date

The Dance

The Hallway

Season 2 Episode 1 – The Sleepover

Awkward Black Girl Season 2 Trailer

Favorite Awkward Black Girl moments



Issa Rae Interviews

*Team White J!

Support Awkward Black Girl online:


Awkward Black Girl premieres every first Thursday of every month!

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