Cultural Toast is a blogazine run by Chioma, a Nigerian Metropolitan-based fashion writer. This blogazine celebrates with a cultural toast to a post-1960 Nigeria with its focus on entertainment and fashion news. African fashion, style and trends will be readily available on CulturalToast.com.

Follow Cultural Toast’s founding editor Chioma on Twitter: @CulturalToast.

E-mail: culturaltoast@gmail.com.

Tumblr: culturaltoast.tumblr.com.

Blog: culturaltoast.com

Official Launch Date: July 31st!

About Chioma: She’s a fashion contributor for several online print magazine focus on black style including The Fancy Hub, Style House Files and Munaluchi Bridal Magazine.

Images used on Cultural Toast adheres to  U.S. Copyright Fair Use Act (title 17, U.S. Code.). No copyright infringement implied. Images are taken from various online sources and are purchased from Wireimage.com.

Opinions expressed on Cultural Toast is that of Chioma’s. Cultural Toast aims to provide accurate style news as it pours in which is subject to change. All images, videos and quotes is given its proper credit. Cultural Toast is a blogazine celebrating a post 1960 Nigeria and elements outside of the African Diaspora.

  1. Love your blog Choima!
    I have put it up on our blog roll at http://www.naijadeevas.com

    Keep it up!


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